Sound and Percussion


What is it?

Sound and percussion is a cross-curricular -Science/Music- presentation to explain how sound works. It covers: vibration, higher, lower, louder and quieter. It shows how sounds can be manipulated and how they can be used to ‘paint’ pictures. The whole talk is based on a musicians approach to sound and includes participation from everyone present.

This presentation is aimed at all KS2 children. When booking you will need to say whether it will be for lower, upper or all of Key Stage 2. The children will be required to sing one verse of ‘One more step along the world I go’ from memory.

It can be used at the beginning, middle or end of a topic on sound or free standing for a whole school science week.  For further information please download the ‘KS2 Sound Brochure’ below.

I will be on site for about three hours. The presentation to children lasts approximately one hour with follow-up question and answer sessions later in the classroom.

Can be used for Science Week or Arts Week

A typical morning session would look like this:

08:30 Meet with teachers to discuss any special requirements

09:00 Unload and setup in hall

09:30 Presentation to KS2

10:30 Pack away equipment used

10:45 Visit classes for question and answer sessions

11:30 finish

Afternoon sessions follow a similar plan, but everything is flexible and arranged to suit he requirements of your school.


“...This provided an excellent demonstration of the instruments alongside practical activities for the pupils. The progress made by pupils in this session was exceptional.” OFSTED

If you would like to know more then please contact me:

Steven Kohut

0114 360 9199