Tuition (KS3)


Tuition is available on all orchestral, brass band and wind band percussion instruments including:

  1. BulletDrum Kit

  2. BulletSnare Drum

  3. BulletTimpani

  4. BulletTuned Percussion

  5. BulletAuxiliary Percussion

General musicianship skills including:

  1. BulletPreparation for playing in the school band/orchestra

  2. BulletReading standard notation

  3. BulletImprovisation

  4. BulletDrum Tab

Percussion Tuition

Tuition on all kinds of percussion  instruments to suit the particular needs of your school and students.

If you would like to know more then please contact me:

Steven Kohut

0114 360 9199

Student support pages can be found here: